David Wright

Categories: Board of Advisors
David Wright is a leading international expert on all forms of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). He has significant senior experience of planning and delivering value for money PPP projects, first as a United Kingdom (UK) civil servant in the 1990’s and as a senior adviser, trainer and mentor to many governments around the world for the last 20 years.

In addition to delivering infrastructure, he teaches how best to do it. He transfers his extensive knowledge of good (and bad) international practice to help government officials and private sector employees understand how they can efficiently and effectively run PPP programmes and deliver PPP infrastructure projects themselves.

David was responsible for delivering the first two prison Private Finance Initiative (PFI) projects, developing overall UK’s PFI policy, writing the business case, developing project documentation, managing the two projects, negotiating the commercial and financial terms and justifying value for money.

Between 1996 and 1999, as Head of PFI in the UK Government’s Funding Agency for Schools, and then as a member of the UK Department for Education’s Private Finance team, he analysed proposed PPP school schemes, determining whether the need for schemes was justified by local and national factors. He worked with advisers to develop output specifications for the service provision for individual schools. He assisted school governing bodies to negotiate the deals.

As an Associate of the UK Treasury Task Force and PartnershipsUK, David developed a unique blend of project analysis at the highest levels and assistance with the detailed negotiation of a number of significant grouped schools projects, including Haringey, Liverpool, Tower Hamlets, and East Lothian schemes. He was involved in the work on drafting standard PFI contracts in the education sector. He reviewed proposed projects in a number of sectors including health, education, criminal justice and nuclear energy.

David has continuously provided bespoke project finance and PPP training and capacity building initiatives to a number of public bodies including government ministries and private companies across the globe. He brings on board vast experience in managing complex projects and in leading teams in identifying commercial solutions to social and economically desirable projects.

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