Dr. Fred Amonya

Categories: Board of Advisors

Dr Amonya views the infrastructure space as a nexus of PPP, climate change, and the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). Those three forces excite complex interactions of the state, society, and market. He brings the physics of that complex space to the common parlance of policymaking. Outside public policy and investment management, Dr Amonya assists graduate schools in the UK and Africa to develop courses that capture the complexity of infrastructure. Before the pandemic, he crisscrossed university hills of Africa teaching complexity science to graduate students. And he was Chair, Transport Systems Economics, PIARC (2016/9) – leading policymakers and academics in analysing transport systems across the 122 member countries of the organisation.  He is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow CIHT and holds a PhD in policy science. Here are his publications: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Fred-Amonya-2

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