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Miundo Misingi ESG and Sustainable Infrastructure

In line with its vision to create a better quality of life for all, the Miundo Msingi Hub advocates for the development of sustainable and resilient infrastructure to make sure that all projects are planned, constructed, operated, maintained and decommissioned to deliver superior environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

In line with the UN World Commission on Environment and Development report, the Hub is committed to ensuring that all our initiatives are not only geared towards proposing sustainable solutions to the current challenges but also preserving the ability of the society to sustain itself in future.  

According to the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI), Sustainable and resilient infrastructure are assets that address sustainability and resilience indicators organized into five categories namely Quality of Life, Leadership, Resource Allocation, Natural World, and Climate and Resilience. These collectively address areas of human wellbeing, mobility, community development, collaboration, planning, economy, materials, energy, water, siting, conservation, ecology, emissions, and resilience. These indicators collectively become the foundation of what constitutes sustainability in infrastructure.

By working with Partners, the Hub is keen to ensure that infrastructure projects and services are resilient and can persist in the face of, adapt to, transform or recover from the effects of a hazardous event in a timely and efficient manner.

Although what we consider sustainable will keep on changing, the Hub believes that the improvement in the sustainable performance and resiliency of physical infrastructure will remain constant. As such we are keen to helping owners, planners, engineers, communities, contractors, financiers and other infrastructure stakeholders to implement more cost-effective, resource-efficient and adaptable long-term infrastructure investments choices.

For too long, elements of sustainability have occurred in many projects as a fortunate by-product of good planning, engineering and project management. To address this, the Miundo Misingi Hub will;

Ensure that our work in infrastructure finance & development advisory prioritizes sustainability, resilience and equity in order to overcome unforeseen negative impacts in decades come.

Prepare projects to move away from being “shovel-ready” to being “shovel-worthy” through our project pipeline origination pillar. This will involve guiding project proponents, planners, designers and teams through the complexities of resilience and sustainability. Such project will be certain ESG best-in-class performers ripe for ESG investing by responsible investors.

Spearhead capacity building initiatives and partnerships aimed at mainstreaming the sustainability and resilience agenda in infrastructure finance and development in Africa. This will be in order to ensure that the continent lives up to its ESG obligations in the global arena within a contextual framework of its unique socio-economic positioning.

Engage in conducting research and studies aimed at crafting afro-centric solutions to the challenges facing the continent with regards to sustainability and resilience in the infrastructure sector.

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