A Sustainable Agribusiness Project

Miundo Misingi Hub and its partners are developing a sustainable agribusiness prototype that if successful could combat climate change and enhance food security in Kenya.

The project will invest in water harvesting, storage and irrigation infrastructure, modern irrigation techniques, onsite value addition and processing of farm produce. This will minimize post crop harvest losses and enhance economic benefits to farmers.

The project aims to maximise production with scarce water resources by growing crops that thrive in arid and semi-arid conditions. This will be achieved by leveraging technological solutions and research and development to scale innovative agricultural practices that can enhance crop productivity.

The project will adopt the Envision Framework so as to identify and manage key risks in the project life cycle while optimizing returns to farmers, the environment and other stakeholders.

The Miundo Misingi Hub is looking for an initial investment of USD. 250,000 to augment the equity investment to support the roll out of the first phase of the project.

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